Drypoint & Etching


Drypoint is an intaglio printing method which involves engraving an image onto a plastic plate with a pointed tool. These lines create a burr which holds ink. Carborundum, a fine grit, can also be applied to the plate to hold more ink. Dampened paper is placed on top of the plate and rolled through the press. The ink which is trapped in the burr and carborundum makes contact with the paper due to the pressure of the rollers. These prints are individually hand coloured making each one an original piece of work.

Etching. The plate, traditionally copper plate but now often zinc, is prepared with an acid resistant ground. Lines are drawn into this ground exposing the metal. The plate is immersed in acid where the exposed metal is “bitten” producing incised lines. The longer the exposure to acid the deeper the line becomes. the resist is removed and ink is wiped onto the plate becoming trapped in the lines. The plate is printed using dampened paper as above.